What We Do

Most people experience shaky and blurry images when taking photos during sports or in low-light conditions. Image quality can be improved by using Optical Image Stabilizers(OIS) or applying external gimbals. However, the performance of OIS under low light conditions is not good enough and external gimbals are inconvenient to be carried due to heavy weight. Our innovative solution, Micro Gimbal Stabilizer (MGS), is a patented mechanical stabilizer by tilting an image sensor and a lens together, like traditional gimbals. Unlike gimbals, MGS is small enough to be embedded in most mobile devices, enabling sharp images even in shaky environments.

Mastering the Night

Explore the untapped potential of night photography. Ensuring every shot captures the magic of the night with clarity.

The Unshakeable stability

Up to 400% better anti-shaking performance

The Best Gimbal Camera Solution

The volume is around 40% smaller than the most advanced gimbal camera module in the market.


Under low light shaky conditions, the video captured by a camera without MGS (left) is blurrier and shaky. With MGS (right), the video quality is significantly enhanced as the footage is much more clear and stable.

Revolutionizing stabilization

To compare video without MGS (left), the image is shakier and blurrier. While after using MGS technology(right), the entire image quality is better, in terms of clear and steady.

Dive into the Key Features

The MGS camera can be employed in most mobile devices, as the size of our MGS camera module is 40% smaller than the closest competitor.  Our novel and patented springs and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) designs for the MGS enables the smallest gimbal sizes and compensation angles up to 700% larger than traditional OIS technology. In terms of cost, it is similar to most existing and more inferior anti-shaking technology at mass production.