About US

The mission of Vista Innotech (VIT) is to enable most mobile devices to capture the clearest images under any conditions, via superb Anti-Shaking (AS) technology innovation.    The company name Vista means viewing from a mountain top, and this is a constant reminder to our team that world-class technology standards can only be developed with a holistic vision and a clear perspective of the future.    So, we invent and provide the best AS technology, Micro Gimbal Stabilizer (MGS) , enabling turnkey solutions, which include patented mechanical, electronic and optical designs, and advanced control software.

LEAP Programme Hong Kong Science Park

National-Level High-Tech Business Accelerator 

HK Tech 300

Academic Strategic Investor


15+ industrial awards

Winner of Gold Award in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao GBA High-value Patent Portfolio Layout Competition 2022 and Geneva Invention 2022 & 2024 Silver Medals

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Our Team

VIT was founded by a group of industry veterans that have worked together before. At the time, the founders of VIT noted that the number of mobile devices would continue to increase, and camera modules in these devices were as essential as the eyes to human beings, so VIT was founded to build the best AS technology. Our team members are experts from multi-disciplinary fields, including mechanical, electronic, and optical engineering. The team has experience in developing and manufacturing Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) Voice Coil Motors (VCMs) and Compact Camera Modules (CCMs) for more than 10 years. The core team members are with the Doctor of Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees in the top 70 international universities.

Patents and Certificates